Moon Magic

Most people are aware of their Sun sign, but not many know their Moon sign. Where the Moon was at your time of birth is most important in revealing what your inner world is like, the side of you that others do not see.

The Moon affects the unconscious, your emotions and your instincts. The unconscious force of the Moon has a profound affect on our personality, this is the part that kicks into action before the conscious mind has had chance to actualize. It is your hidden world, the side of you that feels deeply, reacts emotionally and without logic, this is the fanciful dreamscape that is not available in your conscious world.

The Moon is the side of you that reacts to what you feel, see, taste, touch and smell, the side of you that responds to stimuli, such as love, hate, anger, sadness, happiness and joy. Those with matching Moon signs, or Sun Moon signs will find they have a deep and lasting connection, they will both respond emotionally in a way that each understands. The Moon directs your emotional behavior and is responsible for the way you react in emotional situations.

The Moon affects all things that grow, the Moon rules the tides and the oceans of the world, people and animals behave differently during a full Moon. Women especially are affected by the phases of the Moon and by the influence of the Moon in their sign, biorhythms and emotions respond directly to the lunar energies.

It is your Moon sign that makes you feel as though you are having a tug of war with your emotions, especially where your Sun sign is in direct polarity to your Moon sign, if your Sun and Moon signs are the same you will find that the energies relating to each sign will be intensified.

Look at the chart below find your year of birth and your month of birth, you will be able to look up the placement of the Moon and how you are affected. The Moon travels fast, travelling through all of the twelve signs around every twenty nine days. The Moon spends approximately two and a half days in each sign. Your sign is either modified or intensified by the influence of the Moon.

Moon in the active and forceful sign of Aries, heightens the senses and causes some restlessness, you will have a tendency to react quickly to outside stimuli due to your reactionary disposition. You will have no doubt yourself and believe you know everything, you will not be open to any criticism in any form.

You will have little patience and go where angels fear to tread, you will certainly have charisma and be social and vivacious. You have the ability to talk about anything due to your knack of picking up and absorbing bits and pieces of information constantly, in fact you love to talk.

As you love change you have a tendency to start something, drop it and move on to something else, you become restless easily and are always looking for something new to inspire you. If you have an idea, project or goal in mind, let no one get in your way as you will throw your all into whatever it is you are pursuing and take yourself to the limits to attain that which you desire.

As you love attention you are very social and positively glow when you are around others in this environment, when you are drawn to someone as a friend or romantic partner you will give your all including any assets or money. If however you feel the intention is not well received you will not respond well and will do what you do well, be moody and no one will be in any doubt as to how you are feeling.

Moon in Aries will give you an enthusiasm and love of life, and be ready for anything as you are not one to put restrictions on yourself nor will you accept any restrictions from others. Your behavior of knowing exactly what to do at any given moment has its positive and negative, the positive is you are very decisive, the negative is you will not listen to advice.

If anyone is in difficulty, or there is some type of emergency no one could wish for anyone more responsive or helpful. When there are any hardships you roll up your sleeves and get on with it without any complaints, with friends and family you will do anything.

Emotionally you want freedom yet you want your partner to be utterly committed to you and pay you adequate attention, you are passionate and require passion in return enjoying a relationship where the sparks fly. You will not stay in a relationship that is stagnant and doesnt offer the stimulation, attention and freedom you need. Wanting freedom for yourself and commitment from your partner makes you something of a paradox.

With your Moon in Aries you are ever ready for a new adventure, for something that excites and you find there are often sudden changes during your lifetime. There are opportunities to reach high levels of success in whatever you throw yourself into wholeheartedly. You love the game of life and the game of love and there is nothing that you enjoy more than pursuing something, or someone.

Your confidence spills over into all areas of your life, and you are rarely at a loss as to what to do. You gobble life up with an enthusiasm that is contagious, no one with their Moon in Aries will live under the restrictions or guidelines of another, any decisions made will be made by you.

Whenever Aries comes into play no matter how it is placed you will be imbued with utter self-confidence, this is the core of Aries. If your Sun is in any of the three Fire signs, Aries Leo Sagittarius, having an Aries Moon intensifies your need for sudden action, adventure and enhances your charismatic personality. Sun in an Air sign, Gemini Libra Aquarius, your Moon in Aries gives you an exceptional ability to express yourself, and a discretionary intellect, giving you a shrewd business mind. Sun in an Earth sign, Taurus Virgo Capricorn, an Aries Moon ensures you are leader of the pack, with a futuristic outlook and makes you confidently optimistic. If your Sun is in a water Sign, Cancer Scorpio Pisces, Moon in Aries enhances your intuition, creativity and application to all things, it gives you an original perception being an original in all you do.

Marlon Brando Henry VIII Friedrich Nietzsche Mark Twain Isadora Duncan Stevie Wonder Salvador Dali Charles de Gaulle.

Taurus is a perfect balance for the lunar energies, subduing the sometimes unpredictable influence of the Moon, you will find you have a fantastic attention span and have no difficulty paying attention to detail. Everything you approach you do so in an organized and balanced manner, this enables you to live life in an uncomplicated way, you have a knack of dispelling obstacles.

You take time making decisions and make no rash judgments, no one can pull the wool over your eyes, once you have made a decision after much deliberation no one can make you change it, you become an immoveable object. The Moon in Taurus means you will digest and absorb information at your own pace, but once you come to a conclusion you will be absolutely certain you have made the right decision.

With your Moon in Taurus you will be a lover of all that is beautiful, you will in your life pay meticulous attention to gathering beautiful items. Material things are very important to you, and you take great care of all you have. You approach life in a philosophical manner, you are very responsible and cautious, you dont mind waiting for what you desire and will work very hard to attain.

The Moon in Taurus guarantees a romantic and artistic nature, you are elegant in your approach to life and in the way you present yourself in the world. You will create a very comfortable environment for yourself, you love, require and desire luxury, always wanting the best of everything. You prefer a small intimate setting when it comes to socializing and often entertain a few close friends with beautiful and elegant dinner parties.

When in love you devote yourself to your partner, you may be flirtatious before this, but once you have found your partner you commit readily. You love nothing more than planning and sharing a beautiful home that you and your partner create and fill with beautiful things. Your quest is for your soul mate and you have a strong sense of exactly what you want in a relationship. If however you find yourself in a less than happy relationship or marriage, you will very likely stay as you will not want to mar the security you have in any way.

The Moon in Taurus will give you stoic determination and perseverance making you approach life in a practical and logical manner, understand the need to earn money. You evaluate your options and opportunities very carefully always looking with a long term view.

Your Moon in Taurus creates a sensitive person, passionate and sensual in a relationship with a tender reverence towards your partner. Living a secure and organized life is important as is your need to be loved and cared for.

With your Moon in Taurus you will have the Taurean qualities of stoicism, dependability and patience. If your Sun in an Earth sign, Taurus Virgo Capricorn, a Taurus Moon means you will have staying power and you will never give in, giving you the get up and go to ensure you will be able to achieve and maintain material comforts. If your Sun is in a Water sign, Cancer Scorpio Pisces, a Taurus Moon gives a certain edge to your imagination and creativity. If your Sun is in an Air sign, Aquarius Gemini Libra, your Moon in Taurus gives you an entrepreneurial outlook, and inspires an intellectual, logical approach to this. If your Sun is in a Fire sign, Aries Leo Sagittarius, an Aries Moon gives you a force and enthusiasm that can only enhance and uplift your life, also giving you the attitude and intent to work in the public eye if you choose.

Peter Sellers William Shakespeare Mick Jagger Prince Charles Ronald Reagan F. Scott Fitzgerald Carl Jung Katharine Hepburn Bill Clinton Joe Namath Bjorn Borg.

With the Moon in Gemini you will have an imaginative and creative personality, intellectual pursuits will draw you. You make decisions quickly due to your intellectual approach, and external stimuli is filtered on a mental plane. You rapidly work through information and respond instantly.

You have a wonderful eye for discernment, you are talkative and love to be social, you have a charismatic personality. People cant help but be drawn to you, and your delightfully changeable conversations, as you have the tendency to flit from one topic to another much like a butterfly. You dont like to be contained and become restless if you are inactive for any amount of time, you like to be around people.

You take in what is happening around you and have a tendency to be impressionable, those with their Moon in Gemini often turn their environment into a work of art such as writing books, or scripts. And because of your decisive ability to read what is taking place around you so astutely, many Geminis have journalistic qualities due to their keen insights.

Your perspective shifts often because of your reactions to outside stimuli, and you are someone who is ever ready to adopt a new perspective, however this can be unsettling for those witnessing your ever changing ideas. In many ways this is part of your attraction, the fact that you are always ready to embrace something new makes you a very interesting and intriguing person to be around.

Because of your analytical tendencies your active mind is always working, and you pull things apart mentally with minute precision until you get to, what you deem is the heart of the matter. You not only try to understand others, the way they think and act, you constantly analyze yourself and your motives being very astute in your deductions.

Within a relationship you are somewhat complex as you are so open to the variations of the emotions of your partner, you struggle to retain your sense of self. You are often drawn to someone you find difficult to understand, you then try to evaluate them. You have an acutely sensitive personality that can be up and down, sometimes causing you to overreact verbally, although you get over this quickly. When you feel in tune you are a charming and compatible person to be around. You are ever searching for your soul mate and will leave no stone unturned in this quest for the perfect partner.

Because you love change there is the tendency to start something with enthusiasm then drop it when you lose interest. Travel is a passion of yours as it gives you the opportunity to meet new people and have new adventures. In business your ability to connect with people and your natural social skills make people warm to you, you do your best work when in a business partnership that is secure.

You are an intelligent and intellectual personality, with a sense of humour and an engaging wit. Your charm draws others to you and people enjoy your company, you are very independent and have a strong will, you have an expansive imagination. You are engaging and always interested in others, you are versatile and very interactive in the world.

With your Moon in the sign of Gemini, you will view things from an intellectual vantage point, and have a versatile outlook. If your Sun is in an Air sign, Aquarius Gemini Libra, your Moon in Gemini will express yourself in any number of creative ways always with an intelligent overview. If your Sun is in a Water sign, Cancer Scorpio Pisces, your Moon in Gemini means creativity will be enhanced, and your ability for meticulous research or analysis. If your Sun is in an Earth sign, Taurus Virgo Capricorn, a Gemini Moon influence will give you the gift of a lightening quick mind with the ability to size things up in an instant. If your Sun is in a Fire sign, Aries Leo Sagittarius, with the influence of the Gemini Moon energy, you will be adventurous, have the ability to lead others and have a quick and active mind.

Louis Pasteur Queen Victoria Andy Warhol Brigitte Bardot Fred Astaire George Bernard Shaw Rudyard Kipling Steffi Graf Barbara Walters Sigmund Freud Gypsy Rose Lee.

The intuitive sign of Cancer is ruled by the Moon, it is imbued with sensitivity and devotion. The Moon in Cancer is a harmonious mix, and the world is perceived in an emotional manner, yet these emotions are kept under lock and key, making them an enigma.

Many Moons in Cancer personalities love literature, and also love to write, they absorb everything going on around them, file everything away and respond at the appropriate time. Due to a sensitive, creative and artistic personality, many with their Moon in Aries work very well as independent entities, and many love the autonomy of working from home in their own business and working to their own time clock.

Everything seen, heard and absorbed by the Moon in Cancer personality is retained giving them an extremely detailed and accurate memory, often working in fields where an excellent memory is necessary. If working as an actor they would have no trouble learning their lines and everyone elses as well.

With the Moon in Cancer strength of character is presented, yet under the surface is a very sensitive personality, with much emotion rumbling under the surface. Because of the difficulty revealing emotions there is a tendency towards moodiness and at times abrasiveness, emotions are often up and down. The Moon causes a constant flow of varying emotions creating an unpredictable temperament.

You are happiest when in love and in a loving partnership, however this does not always come easily to you, and there are many ups and downs before you connect with the soul you are in tune with. With the Moon in Cancer you must be sure to put value on yourself and not stay in a destructive relationship, once realizing you deserve love it will come to you. You require a secure and committed partner, someone who will nurture you on every level and you in turn can be yourself and offer the same. It is difficult for you to relax and trust the process of love and being in love.

When in love your love is quite possessive and your loyalty knows no bounds, creative and emotional is part of who you are and you must let yourself unfold or unfurl naturally. With your warm heart, tender nature and charismatic way you are able to charm effortlessly.

The influence of the Moon in Cancer, adds an emotional edge to your personality, and unleashes creativity. If your Sun is in an Air sign, Aquarius Gemini Libra, makes you more daring and empathic and heightens charisma. If your Sun sign is in a Water sign, Pisces Cancer Scorpio, the watery influence of a Cancer Moon amplifies your emotions run deep and intuition is heighted exponentially giving you an unusual creative outlook. If your Sun is in an Earth sign, Taurus Virgo Capricorn, Cancer Moon promises you are passionate, dependable, intense and imaginative. If your Sun sign is in a Fire sign, Aries Leo Sagittarius, your Cancer Moon bestows upon you an irrepressible flair, and a sense of drama which can be used in a theatrical manner.

Princess Margaret (England) Tom Cruise Isaac Newton Bette Midler Franklin Delano Roosevelt Humphrey Bogart Aretha Franklin Eleanor Roosevelt Clark Gable.

With your Moon in Leo you will be dealing with strong emotions, you are balanced and have an idealistic outlook, you make your decisions with your heart, feelings come first, decisions second. Sensory input comes through feelings, and the irrepressible influence of the flamboyant sign of Leo in harmony with the Moons energies.

You play by your own rules and are not easily swayed, yet you are always open to new ideas, you have an all-encompassing outlook on life. You like to express yourself and receive plenty of attention, often taking on roles that put you in the public arena. Those with this Moon influence often find themselves drawn to art, music and theater, at their best when under the spotlight.

Moon in Leo people embrace life and feel they have a calling, they are natural leaders and organizers, and are impressive people motivators, no problem is too big for a Moon in Leo person to tackle. You dont like being told what to do but you are very good at telling others what to do, this you do with strength and enthusiasm and sometimes with some bluster. People enjoy working with you finding you honest and fair, your enthusiasm is contagious.

Because of your irrepressible outlook you have the ability to charge others with energy and enthusiasm, this you do with humour. You like to be in the center of action and need something to be happening around you, if nothing is then you are likely to create something.

With the influence of Leo you cant help but succumb to vanity, and your head is readily turned when someone pays you a compliment, you thrive on attention. There will be no difficulty in life in receiving the adequate amount of attention because of apart from anything else, you are a genuinely loving soul which others cant resist.

In luxurious surrounding you thrive and feel this is your due, the best of everything, wine, food, clothing, and possessions. People love being invited to your delightful, elegant and entertaining gatherings. You are a natural leader in harmony with yourself and the world, you are outgoing and compassionate always interested in others.

The most suitable partner for you is someone who complements you and enjoys all the good things in life too, you like someone who presents the image of beauty and being well cared for. Your lover has much to live up to as your expectations are high and they cant afford to be less than you expect them to be, they are placed on a very high pedestal and any perceived failures you take personally. Being a show person you want a partner you can show off, and if they dont live up to expectations you feel it is a reflection on you.

You dont practice what you preach as you love to flirt, often outrageously, this is to do with your addiction to attention. However you expect nothing less than total adoration from your partner. You are a delightfully expressive and effusive personality, you are engaging and people cant help but be drawn to you.

Moon in Leo gives you an irresistible charm and magnetism. If your Sun sign is in an Air sign, Aquarius Gemini Libra, a Leo Moon is an exceptional mix of fire and air, culminating in socially adept and sparkling personality. If your Sun is in a Water sign, Pisces Cancer Scorpio, a Leo Moon gives you a particularly deep emotional countenance. If your Sun is in an Earth sign, a Leo Moon heightens passion, plus enhancing your entrepreneurial abilities. If your Sun is in a Fire sign, Aries Leo Sagittarius, a Leo Moon assures you that the leader in you will rise to the surface and you will not lack loyal followers.

Prince Philip Paul McCartney Queen Elizabeth II Gloria Steinem Clint Eastwood Diane Sawyer Oscar Wilde Ralph Waldo Emerson James Joyce Ralph Nader Mao Tse-tung.

With your Moon in Virgo you do nothing rashly as you plan for the long term, careful and astute with money and security in the short and long term is very important to you. Your impressions of the world are carefully analyzed and what you deduce and learn you value and use well. You believe in timing and always keep particular pieces of information to be used at the appropriate time.

You scrutinize everything you see and hear, you take nothing for granted, and question everything you never take anything at face value. With the influence of Virgo comes extreme skepticism and seeing is not necessarily believing. You believe what you believe is right, and it takes a very rational argument to alter your view point. You are indomitable when it comes to unearthing the truth and nothing will stop you getting to the bottom of the matter.

You are as critical with yourself as you are with others, setting high standards for yourself and for others, you are a perfectionist who approaches everything in a methodical and pedantic manner. You plan meticulously as you dont respond well when things go wrong. Worrying comes naturally to you and you can worry about the most minute details, you feel everything should be done just so.

What you become involved in is given very careful thought and you will not be involved in anything that you do not feel entirely comfortable with. You have a cool logic and are very disciplined, having no time for those who are haphazard or erratic. Those you allow into your life are chosen with care, you are critical of those who do not live up to your high expectations. Lessons learned through experience are filed away, valued and used appropriately.

Moon in Virgo people are reticent to show emotion and often have a cool demeanor, they can have a detached manner and are difficult to get close to, they are organized and highly and efficient. They keep their feelings tightly contained and they can be difficult to read, they are rarely effusive about anything. Virgo Moon people will always be there to assist if they are needed, behaving in a practical and contained manner.

Virgo Moon people are often drawn to those quite unlike themselves, often those who find it easy to show emotion as within a relationship they like to feel they are cared for. They tend not to be drawn to those with the same detached coolness as them, and often partner with someone who is quite emotional and demonstrative. Lunar Virgos like to present a picture perfect image in their love life and their family life, and will often deny anything is wrong. As parents they are critical but loving, believing their criticism is necessary.

Moon in Virgo people are capable and proceed through life in a no nonsense, practical manner, they are mentally astute and nothing is missed with their keen senses. They are intelligent thinkers, with a mind that is constantly ticking, they approach everything in life with a considered approach.

With your Moon in Virgo, you will be imbued with a natural caution. If your Sun is in an Air sign, Aquarius Gemini Libra, a Virgo Moon adds an edge to your intellectual outlook, and a particular leaning towards originality. If your Sun is in a Water sign, Pisces Cancer Scorpio, a Virgo Moon gives you a greater emotional understanding of yourself and others. If your Sun is in an Earth sign, Taurus Virgo Capricorn, Lunar Virgos will be particularly astute with finances, and have a very strong work ethic no matter what their calling. If your Sun is in a Fire sign, Aries Leo Sagittarius, a Virgo Moon gives you the exceptional ability to go out into the world and have a voice whether this be in the arts, law, or be successful with any pursuits close to your heart.

John F. Kennedy Winston Churchill Lyndon B. Johnson Ingrid Bergman Marlene Dietrich Shirley MacLaine Edward M. Kennedy Leo Tolstoy Bill Cosby Gabriel Garccia Marquez.

Libra is the sign of beauty, love and gentility, therefore the Lunar Libran is a most genteel soul. Enjoying a refined and dignified environment and company, they have a well-defined aesthetic and always create a glamorous and luxurious environment for themselves and those they love. They avoid unpleasantness at all costs and cannot bear being around those who are loud or coarse, they thrive within a beautiful environment, surrounded by beautiful things and beautiful people.

Moon in Libra people are intuitive and always seek to lead a joyous and comfortable life, if it were viable they would walk daily on rose petals, surrounded by their favorite books, music, people and objects. Home would be a place of harmony and ease, Luna Librans do not handle tensions well, nor do they respond well to difficulties, feeling entirely out of balance and out of sorts if their refined ideals are unsettled.

Everything you buy is bought with great thought and care, you have an eye for detail, you know exactly what you want and anything you purchase has meaning. Loving beautiful objects you would rather own one beautiful much coveted item, than many items you have no attachment to. If anything untoward presents itself to you, you will do the best you can to avoid, or ignore whatever it is, there is a strong streak of denial that follows you through life. For you avoiding unpleasantness is far easier than facing things head on.

You try to view all you see in a logical manner, preferring not to rely on emotional yearning when making choices or decisions, you try to take a logical view and follow with rational action. Charisma oozes from you like a magnet drawing people to you, sometimes you take advantage of this coercing people to do things for you. This behavior is accepted by you as being a perfectly natural way to conduct yourself.

Always feeling better in a partnership you have the disposition suited to living with someone you care about, most of the time you are easy to live with, however if a relationship becomes off kilter you do not respond well. The partner you are drawn to must have the same sense of beauty, serenity and grace as you and being good looking is also a requirement, it seems Luna Librans require beauty in animate and inanimate objects. Acquiring love is much like acquiring an object, you must love, covet and desire a thing of beauty.

Moon in Libra people will have several love affairs before deciding on the soul they will form a long term relationship with, they must have an intellectual connection as well as a sexual one. You are at your best when in a relationship and many Luna Librans save the best of themselves to reveal once they feel content and settled, loving the comfort and security of a relationship.

You have an artistic, creative flair, you have dignity and polish, your way with people is engaging, you love balance in all things and have a fair and equitable outlook always looking at both sides of the issues.

With a Libra Moon dignity, grace and sensitivity is yours. If your Sun is an Air sign, Aquarius Gemini Libra, a Libra Moon gives you unsurpassed mental acuity. If you are in a Water sign Pisces Cancer Scorpio, Moon in Libra gives you a wonderful balance of imagination, intuition and intellect. If your Sun is in an Earth sign, Libra Moon assures purpose, strength and creativity, especially useful for those in the public eye. If your Sun is in a Fire sign, Aries Leo Sagittarius, Libra Moon stimulates imagination, charisma, and artistic prowess.

Rudolph Nureyev Sylvia Plath Louis Armstrong Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Rudolph Valentino Bruce Springsteen Frederic Chopin Arthur Ashe Agatha Christie Sydney Poitier.

Scorpio is the sign with the most intense emotions in the zodiac, yet has the ability to keep these emotions under control leaving others wondering what they are thinking. The Moon in Scorpio means it is necessary to keep a tight rein on your emotions, you will reach the peaks and plummet to the depths of happiness, sadness, love. Self-control is something all those influenced by Scorpio learn, at times with great difficulty. With your Moon in Scorpio you are fearful of rejection and will always step away first if there is any hint of this, whether this be in a career situation, or an emotional one.

Lunar Scorpios will learn the lesson that emotions cannot be contained indefinitely and at some point it is necessary to let go and learn the lessons that can only come from emotional release. Understanding your emotions