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Microsoft commercially released Windows 10 on July 29, 2015. There areseveral versions of Windows 10, includingWindows 10 Home, Windows 10 Pro, andWindows 10 S. Learnmore from Microsoft.

Windows 10 may have compatibility issues with the software and services you use on campus. For more details, visit theWindows Application Support Grid(sign-in to BC Wiki required).

Note: All Windows computers distributed through theBCCR programhave Windows 10 Pro (with the 1709 Feature Update) installed on them.

Before you upgrade, make sure all your other software is compatible with this version.

Tip: You should always backup your computer before you upgrade to a new operating system.

Note: The Dell Latitude E6420 and E6320 have known system incompatibilities with Windows 10 and should not be upgraded.

Microsoft is now releasing major Feature Updates to the Windows operating system 2-3 times a year that update built-in apps and add new features.These updates may take 90-120 minutes to complete.

Starting January 4, 2018, the 1703 Feature Update will be available to BC-owned computers on campus.

Your computer will automatically download the Feature Update and notify you that its ready to install. Youll be prompted to update, or pick a time to do the update (see Figure 1).Please do not turn off your computer during the update.

ChoosingSnoozewill postpone the update for 3 days. Multiple snoozes are allowed, but not recommended.

Upon logging in, you will see a screen that says Getting things ready, this wont take long for a few minutes before your desktop loads. You may need to reconnect to the BC network after the update.

: Unplug the Ethernet cord from your computer and re-plug it in. Click

: Re-connect to eduroam. Learn how

Contactyour TCfor more information and assistance.

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